Bulgarian for foreigners София-Иван Вазов - Алба Едю ЕООД

Алба Едю ЕООД - Bulgarian for foreigners ( български език за чужденци ) в град София, кв. Иван Вазов.

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Моля, попълнете на кирилица!
Bulgarian for foreigners София-Иван Вазов

Alba Ediu Ltd. - Bulgarian for foreigners in Sofia, Ivan Vazov. The company successfully trains its students, ranks among the most competitive schools.

The exceptional success we have with our students since the creation of the school inspired us to focus on training foreigners in Bulgarian language and for this purpose the authors' team of philologists created a modern, adaptable learning system that finds a very good realization in practice. Given the great interest, we offer a profiled course in Bulgarian business language.

If you are:

  • ambitious people who recognize the need for foreign language skills;
  • parents who want their children to keep up with modern language learning;
  • employers who assess the need for qualified and educated staff;
  • foreigners who have the desire and need to learn Bulgarian.
  • you have come to the right place! The only limits we set are your imagination.

The success of the school lies in the application of modern teaching methods, in the individual approach to each student, and last but not least in the careful selection of highly qualified lecturers.


Bulgarian for foreigners София-Иван Вазов - Алба Едю  ЕООД
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